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2023-05-20 第63期 在全世界做公益是怎样的体验?by 黄泓翔 How to Practice Public Welfare Globally by Hongxiang Huang


湾区文化沙龙是一个跨学科知识分享与公共讨论的论坛。沙龙依托讲座与圆桌对谈等活动为载体, 旨在为北美华人提供一个理性对话与建立联结的平台, 共同构建优质的公共文化生活。

Bay Area Chinese Culture Salon (BACCS) strives to be the leading public forum for interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and impartial discussion of public issues in the North America mandarin-speaking community. BACCS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.