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无家可归者与加州住房危机 by Agnes Cho

Homelessness in the Bay Area by Agnes Cho

加利福尼亚正处于住房危机之中:尽管加州政府2021年投入超过72亿美元试图解决游民问题,全州仍有超过二十三万人处于无家可归的状况中。本期活动希望能带领大家了解加州的Homelessness危机: 是谁,因为什么原因成为了无家可归者?这场危机背后的系统性和根源性驱动因素是什么?政策制定者和社区成员有哪些潜在的解决方案可以帮助结束加州的住房问题?


California is in the middle of a housing crisis, and the most visible sign is the sheer amount of people seeking shelter in cars, tents, and on the streets. Although California dedicated over $7.2 billion to homelessness programs in 2021, over 230,000 people continued to experience homelessness across the state on any given night.

This talk seeks to elaborate the homelessness crisis in California, with a deep dive in Santa Clara County where Palo Alto is located. Who are the people experiencing homelessness? What are the primary reasons they cite for this? What are the systemic and root drivers behind this crisis? What are the potential solutions available to policy makers and community members to help end homelessness in California?

This program will be held in English.

主讲人 Presenter: Agnes Cho


Agnes is an advocate and researcher for housing justice and homelessness. She works at the intersection of policy and community advocacy in the housing and homelessness space. Agnes currently works with Just Cities Institute to expand housing access to people who are formerly incarcerated. She also has researched housing and homelessness programs for the Terner Center for Housing Innovation and served as a tenant counselor with Tenants Together, supporting tenants facing evictions, rent increases, and landlord harassment. She is a Masters in Public Policy student at the UC Berkeley Goldman School, and has a B.A. in anthropology from Princeton University.

主办 Host:湾区文化沙龙

活动时间 Date and Time: PST: 8/6 Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm

活动地点 Location:Palo Alto